European Commission have arrived in Bucharest to share their solutions to improve the hellish road traffic the Romanian capital. According to RFI, the solutions presented are already applied in other EU countries that faced the same problems after EU accession.

Meanwhile, a Transportation Ministry report shows that the average number of cars in Bucharest fell in the last six years. But that openly contradicts the increasingly troublesome traffic conditions in Bucharest and other official data that show that car registrations have multiplied in the Romanian capital considerably over the past several years.

According to Romanian news agency Mediafax website, the Ministry analysis presents the daily average number of cars in traffic during 2000-2005 and 2007.

Thus, the cars in traffic numbered 85,070 in May 2000 while the numbers increased to 86,356 in August 2007 with several ups and downs in between.

The study however contradicts the official data according to which the number of cars increased significatly. Public Works Minister, Laszlo Borbely said that the study must be a joke.

He added that a possible solution for avoiding deadlocks would be the creation of a rapid common transportation network which would enable people to leave their cars at home.