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Bucharest vice mayor: We shall grind teeth and we shall have a normal traffic

de Radu Big
Joi, 27 decembrie 2007, 15:23 English | Bucharest

Bucharest vice mayor Radu Murgeanu declared on Thursday that the City Hall will demand dedicated road lanes for the means of mass transportation and small vehicles - scooters, ATVs and motorcycles. "We shall have to grind teeth in order to have a normal traffic" said Murgeanu in an interview for Radio RFI, quoted by the Rador news agency.

Another measure to make traffic more fluid is to build an above-the-ground passage in the Western side of Bucharest, crossing a busy block and ending into the Bucharest - Pitesti highway. A similar construction may be expected in the Northern side of town, in the Baneasa region. Murgeanu even made a prognosis for the deadline of all the works: five years. "We shall then try to find new penetrations and build new boulevards, surgically if needed, or the entire Bucharest will suffer".

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