The first edition of "Fall in Love", the latest addition to Romania's list of international festivals, drew attention last weekend with the late announcement by British star Liam Gallagher that he would no longer perform due to "safety issues". A correspondent to the event reported that the fest was something quite different than the image left by Gallagher's announcement.

Festivalul Fall in Love 6Foto: Adriana Simion

The festival took place at the Mogosoaia Palace, some 10 km away from Bucharest, on August 31-September 1. Late on Sunday evening, just as he was due to take over the stage, ex-Oasis member Liam Gallagher turned to Twitter to announce:

  • "Due to safety issues with the stage, we’ve been advised not to perform at the Fall in Love festival tonight. Absolutely gutted that we’ve come all this way and we can’t perform for you but safety comes first as always. Love LGx"

Another message was also listed on a large screen at the festival, announcing revelers that the British star would no longer perform due to "technical issues" and that the promoter would try to set another date for Liam's return.

It would have been Liam Gallagher's first performance in Romania.

The Fall in Love fest had a secondary stage available.

The correspondent at the festival left the event with a different impression than that created by Gallagher's message.

She reported that it was not something new for the singer to cancel a gig just as it was due to happen and cited a concert in Toronto in may this year which was dropped minuted before it was due to begin.

And she noted that the Fall in Love Festival was attended by other international artists who had no issue getting on stage - including Kaiser Chiefs, Kovacs and Underworld.

The correspondent noted that, as this was the first edition of the festival, it was quite cheap to attend and enjoy, as compared to other events which have become money making machines. It had a great venue and, with 10,000 people in attendance as Gallagher was expected to get on stage, it had room for them to breathe.

There were various organisational issues reported, such as long queues at food stands.

The event was organised by a company called Alive, which claims its people cumulate 18 years in experience with organising music events, in partnership with a PR agency, McCann PR.