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Pollution in Bucharest - higher during weekend nights, monitoring shows

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Marţi, 5 noiembrie 2019, 10:13 English | Bucharest

Poluarea in Bucuresti - Duminica, 3 noiembrie
Foto: Hotnews has monitored records of the independent air quality monitoring network for Bucharest for more than two weeks. The research shows the highest values, that is, the periods when Romania's capital city appears to be most polluted, were recorded during night time and especially in weekends, not during traffic hours in working days.

For three consecutive weekends, every Sunday, dust pollution reached alarming values. has requested information from environment authorities, but they said they only get notification if measurement is done using the official monitoring network, a network which only has several stations measuring dust pollution in Bucharest and the surrounding Ilfov county.

This means that from an official point of view Bucharest is a clean city as long as pollution is not recorded by the official network.

For three consecutive weekends, especially during night time, the independent network recorded alarming levels of dust pollution in Bucharest. During working days, even at rush hour, the values were significantly lower.

There were even week days when values were "green" on a constant level, despite traffic and construction works.

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