A Public Policy Institute (IPP) study covering the 2004-2007 period analyzes the activity of Bucharest counselors in all district city halls. The main conclusion is that the District 4 city hall is the worst while District 3 is the hardest working, while District 5 is most tolerant.

Among the top counselors skipping work is Democrat Liberals counselor Tiberiu Gorodea at the District 4 city hall who only took part in one meeting out a total of 80 but somehow managed to vote all decisions taken in the council over the past four years.

Another record is held by District 1 city hall whose counselors failed to have any initiatives over the past four years. Moreover, there's another counselor who seems to love traveling more than counseling as it has 49 days spent in most diverse places on the globe.

The study was initially started in order to determine whether local counselors do their job properly. IPP President Violeta Alexandru told HotNews.ro that the District 4 city hall was finally classed last due to the fact that it did not have any monitoring report in the four years, nor too many decisions.