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Traffic restrictions and rules during NATO Summit

de Radu Rizea
Vineri, 28 martie 2008, 14:33 English | Bucharest

The already impossible traffic in Bucharest will become purely hellish during the NATO Summit. In order to avoid as many problems as possible, administration and state employees (except doctors, firemen, ambulance services or such) will have the day off. Bucharest citizens are constantly advised to avoid the Bucharest central areas and, if possible, to leave the city for a short vacation. presents you with the complete list of restrictions and rules during the summit.

During 2-4 April 2008 certain traffic restrictions will be imposed so as to ensure proper traffic conditions for the official convoys participating at the NATO Summit, as follows:

- a single lane will be delimited for the movement of the official convoys from the Henri Coanda International Airport to the Parliament House. The delimitation of the lane will involve additional traffic signs, and driving on this lane will be forbidden;

- on Soseaua Bucuresti – Ploiesti, from the airport to Piata Presei Libere, the single lane will comprise the second and third traffic lanes on both ways. Vehicles will be allowed, sideways to the lane, on the first traffic lane on both ways;

- on Soseaua Kiseleff, between Piaţa Presei Libere and Arcul de Triumf vehicles will not be allowed on the central lane, but only on the side lanes;

- traffic will be closed on Soseaua Kiseleff between Arcul de Triumf and Piaţa Victoriei and also on Calea Victoriei all the way to Naţiunile Unite Bridge as well as on the Naţiunile Unite Boulevard;

- traffic will be closed in the area of the Parliament House, namely on Izvor street, Calea 13 Septembrie between Soseaua Panduri and Libertatii Boulevard, Unirii Boulevard between I.C. Bratianu Boulevard and Piata Constitutiei and also on Libertatii Boulevard;

Crossing will be permitted along this route starting from Henri Coanda Airport to the Parliament House only  in the following areas:  Soseaua Bucureşti Ploieşti - Aerogării Boulevard, Arcul de Triumf, Soseaua Kiseleff -  Architect Ion Mincu Street, Calea Victoriei - Dacia Boulevard, Calea Victoriei - Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, Calea Victoriei - Naţiunile Unite Bridge.

One of the days between 2-4 April, traffic will be completely  closed on Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, Eroii Sanitari Boulevard and around Cotroceni Palace (Palatului Cotroceni), namely on Soseaua Cotroceni, between Cotroceni Bridge and Piaţa Leu, Dr. Gheorghe Marinescu Street, Geniului Boulevard, on the way from  Soseaua Panduri to Piaţa Leu. Crossing this area will be possible at Piata Operei and at the crossroads of Eroilor Boulevard - Eroii Sanitari Boulevard.

Stopping of vehicles on the mentioned routes will be forbidden, both on the roadway and on the pavement, on the streets that cross the main roads, on a distance of 10-15 m, as well as within the area of the venues.

On Saturday, March 29, a simulation on the single lane will take place, by posting the landmarks and other traffic signs, which will remain on the roadway. The drivers will be able to use the single lane, after the simulation in over.  

On March 29, as well as during 2-4 April, the traffic signs will be modified and completed by orientation pointers.

The traffic Police in cooperation with the Bucharest City Hall will ensure: police squads that will accompany the official convoys, the movement of the official convoys along the single lane, the traffic fluency on the main routes outside the single lane, clearing the roadway and the pavements of the stopped vehicles on the roads and around the Parliament House (Palatul Parlamentului) and Cotroceni Palace (Palatul Cotroceni).

The special measures taken on March 29, as well as during 2-4 April, will affect the vehicles and pedestrial traffic both in the mentioned areas, and around Bucharest.

In accordance with the provisions of the National Security Commandment of NATO Summit, other routes and areas will also be totally or partially affected by traffic restrictions. The population will be informed in due time with respect to these restrictions.

In order to avoid any unpleasant situations, the specialists from the Traffic Police recommend:

- avoiding to cross Bucharest with transiting vehicles;

- using mostly the public transportation means, when possible;

-  following by the drivers and also the pedestrian of the instructions of the traffic police agents who accompany the official convoys and those on the route, which prevail against the street signs and the traffic lights;

- choosing an avoiding route is made after previous thorough information;

- avoiding abusive honking;

The Traffic Police  request that people follow these indications, show understanding towards the measures that such an event implies and believe that citizens could be of real help in ensuring the success of the NATO Summit.

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