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Anti-NATO protesters, picked up up by Romanian Police forces in Bucharest

de A.C.
Miercuri, 2 aprilie 2008, 14:38 English | Bucharest

Some 10 anti-NATO protesters were picked up by special intervention Romanian Police Forces in an action taking place on Wednesday in downtown Bucharest. Several protesters came from Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada and Romania and rented a deserted building in the area.

One of the protesters declared for that the Police forces took them by surprise. Moreover, he added that they rented the place and gathered in Bucharest to protest in a peaceful way.

100 Romanian Police officers broke into the building and checked everyone's identity to secure the area. Without a legal ground, some people were picked up and sent to the police headquarters.

Press Monitoring Agency representative Razvan Marin was one of the people to be picked up by local police forces. He declared for that he was took without a cause, as he was there to investigate the problems.

Moreover, he was released from the police section along with the others in the evening, after spending a couple of hours at the police headquarters. Marin called his lawyer who pleaded that Marin was forbidden, in the first instance to call his lawyer.

Some of the protesters were set free, one by one late in the evening. Bucharest Police Head said the police had no intention to take their banners and materials as long as they did not contain anti-nationalist signs. He added that there were 22 German citizens, 2 from the Czech Republic and 26 Romanians hold in the custody of the policy for a few hours.

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