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Anti NATO protesters marching in Bucharest

de A.C.
Joi, 3 aprilie 2008, 19:03 English | Bucharest

Some tens of anti-NATO protesters march in Bucharest on their way to the police headquarters to sustain a colleague who claims to have been beaten by police officers on Wednesday night. Gheorghe Zugravu, originally from Bessarabia claims police forces aggressed him last night.

According to the reporter, the protesters are walking peacefully but they are escorted by police forces. Most of the protesters carry banners with anti-NATO messages.
Liberal Party (PNL) Senator Puiu Hasotti declared that police forces should have acted more aggressive against anti-NATO protesters found downtown Bucharest in a rented hall yesterday afternoon, NewsIn informs. Hasotti argued that it was better to keep things under control even if committing an abuse.

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