Three nurses from a Bucharest Hospital who were caught on camera in indecent positions near the bed of an intensive care patient presented their resignation on Tuesday. The images were taken in January 2007 and appeared a couple of days ago in the Romanian CanCan tabloid newspaper who reads that it received the photos by mail.

One of the photos portray a nurse posing in a sexy position with her leg on the bed of the unconscious patient. Another photo catches the three nurses laughing at ease next to the recently operated patient.

The three nurses are heard today by the Romanian Medical Nurses representatives and they risk to have their license voided for a limited period of time or even for good. President of the Medical Nurses Order Gheorghe Georgescu said that probably the photos were sent to the tabloid when the girls printed them at specialized photo labs.

According to norms and regulations, nurses need to have a proper behavior, both on mental, emotional and physical levels. Moreover, they need to respect the dignity of each patient.