The traffic in Bucharest will be closed in certain areas during the "B-FIT in the Street" theatre festival, scheduled to take place between May 29 and June 1. The streets to be shut are in the neighboring areas of the Unirii blvd., Natiunile Unite blvd. Libertatii blvd. and Schitu Magureanu st.

On May 30, between 21:00h and 23:00h, the traffic on the Unirii boulevard will be closed in both directions, between the Bratianu blvd, and the Libertatii blvd, including the Constitution Plaza. On May 31, the Schitu Magureanu street will be closed on both lanes, between the Grigore Cobalcescu street and the Izvor park, between 21:30h and 23:00h.

On June 1, between 22:00h and 23:00h, the traffic will be shut on the , Natiunile Unite boulevard between the B.P.Hasdeu street and the Natiunile Unite Plaza.

Besides the traffic restrictions, drivers will not be able to park their cars on the Unirii Boulevard.

The theatre festival will include international companies from France, Germany and Spain.