Independent Oprescu would get 51.2% of the votes while his counter candidate Democrat Liberal Vasile Blaga only 48.8% in the second round of elections for Bucharest mayor, an Insomar poll conducted on June 6-8 reveals, quoted by Romanian news station Realitatea TV. Vasile Blaga would get 50.4% votes from those who did not vote in the first round while 31.2% of the absentees would prefer Oprescu. The rest of 18.4% are undecided.

Among those opting for the Social Democrat Cristian Diaconescu in the first round, 64.4% declared they would vote for Oprescu - a former member of the Social Democrats - and only 18.9% with Blaga.

37.9% of the citizens initially voting with the Liberals would now vote for Oprescu while 38.7% with Blaga.

45.1% of those crediting the New Initiative Party candidate Cozmin Gusa in the first round would now opt for Blaga.

Vasile Blaga is most preferred among those who did not cast a vote on June 1. 50.4% of those that did not vote in the first round would choose Blaga while 31.2% opt for Oprescu. Still, 18.4% are undecided.