After several lanes were closed for traffic last week, on Tuesday all traffic will be closed, especially on the lanes surrounding the House of Parliament where the Bucharest Challenge car competition will be organized this weekend.

Thus, starting Tuesday August 19 until Tuesday August 26, traffic will be closed on the main boulevards connecting to or surrounding the House of Parliament. Between August 27 and September 6, between 10 pm and 6 am the organizing team will work to rehabilitate the area after the competition takes place.

The event will be held on August 22-24 and the total length of the circuit will have almost 3.2 km and the average speed estimated is 148 km/hour. For Friday, tickets will cost 20 Romanian Ron and for Saturday, prices vary between 40 and 80 Romanian Ron. However, on Sunday prices increase, and one can purchase tickets from 40 to 115 Romanian Ron.

The Bucharest Challenge is at its second edition, the first being held last year.