Although it is too late to change anything this year, several Bucharest inhabitants launched an online petition demanding for the Formula 3 race Bucharest Challenge to be moved on another circuit or be simply annulled. 100 Bucharest inhabitants already signed the petition.

The demand, addressed to the Bucharest Mayor, Sorin Oprescu, points at the devastating effect the shutdown of central boulevards will have on the already hellish traffic in the Capital.

"The citizens of Bucharest were not questioned at any time whether they want or not their city to host such an event", the petition adds. The pollution, with both noise and fumes, is another problem that bothers the people of Bucharest, even more because of the fact that the City Hall cuts all trees near the circuit every year, in an area which already far too few trees.

The petition suggests to have the circuit moved in the outskirts of town or the simple annulment of further events.

The petition is available at