While Romania is used to some upmarket real estate offers that saw apartments or houses sold with a car as a bonus, a company comes with a slightly more luxurious offer. Quantum Consulting&Management (QCM) offers villas in the area of Buftea, just north of Bucharest, on the shore of a lake, for the price of 3 million euro. But such a "palace" would come together with a penthouse in the city of Brasov, Central Romania, and a personal helicopter.

The Adnana Residence project in Buftea, which aims at the Bucharest high class, is formed of three houses of 800 square meters each, with a dock and heliport. Each villa is unique and has a pool, Japanese gardens and BMS systems.

A Brasov penthouse has a surface of 540 square meters and comes with parking lots.

The offer hits the market at at a time when property transactions in Romania are facing hard times with the banks expected to harden the rules for loans.