Bucharest was placed 31 of 34 in a list of best for business European cities, a lower position than it received in the previous years, when Bucharest was placed 28 of the 33 cities in the top, a Cushman&Wakefield study informs. The study analyzes the opinions of the managers working at the best 500 business companies in Europe.

Bucharest is placed 2 in Europe in regards to the costs companies need to incur on salaries but it only received the 32nd position on employee qualification. In the same vein, Bucharest is in the last place in regards to foreign transports connections available.

In terms of labor costs, Bucharest is outclassed only by Warsaw after last year it was placed on the first position. Nevertheless, Bucharest is only classed on the 32nd position when it comes to the qualification of the employees.

The study reveals that company managers consider that Bucharest has improved its internal transportation since last year but connections with foreign countries are still underdeveloped. But Bucharest is still better than Budapest which is on 31 or Warsaw on 30.

Moreover, Bucharest is in the third place regarding the expansion intentions of the questioned managers in the five years.