The access of large vehicles with strong engines should be limited in Bucharest, while citizens should use bikes to travel short and medium distances, in order to reduce the pollution degree in the city, said Environment Minister Attila Korodi on Thursday. "If we don't follow an urban ecological plan during the following few years, Bucharest may become a city impossible to manage, with huge traffic jams and an air impossible to breathe", said Korodi, during the first national conference of urbanism experts.

The Environment minister also emphasized on the fact that industrial areas should be strictly delimited from the commercial, residential and recreational ones.

Expanding and improving a green area surrounding Bucharest is also considered as a priority by the Environment Minister, who pointed at the European average of 26 square meters of green area per inhabitant, far more than the average in Bucharest. The official reminded the managers in City Halls that funds are available for putting up bicycle lanes and lakes rehabilitation.

Korodi also added that a more efficient public transportation system would also make some people leave their cars at home.

Green buildings, ecological marketplaces, ecological traffic lights, solar energy heating and better waste management are also among the themes invoked by the minister.