The 7th edition of the Architecrure Annual Gala is now open in Bucharest. The event is taking place at Sala Dalles and it is organised by the Bucharest Order of Architects of (OAR). The gala is a contest exhibition which rewards the best projects for "Architecture", "Interior design and arrangments", "Restauration and rehabilitation", "(unfinished) Studies and projects, architecture contests", "Architecture photography", "Architecture book" and "Diploma projects".

137 projects entered the competition and the winners will be announced on Mai 21. The theme for this Annual gala is "the public space". There will be several conferences and debates around the issue, where niche specialists will try to identify the problems challenging the urban space and to find solutions. Bucharest OAR president Mircea Ochinciuc believes that the public space does not exist. The attempts of public space are of poor quality in his view.

"The great squares, green spaces and sidewalks are smothered by cars – they become sad open car parks improvisations. This year we have invited world renowned urban planning specialists and public space designers in order to find solutions", he said. One of the guests is Ulrik Nilsen from Jan Ghel Architects, a planning company that designed public spaces in London, Prague, Dublin, Zurich, Melbourne, Perth and Sidney. He’s now re-designing major walkways in New York. He will hold a conference on May 19. The Romanian Cultural Institute will host a debate discussing "The privatisation of the public space" one day prior.

You make your way with your brain in Bucharest, not with your elbows!

"The achievable Bucharest" project was launched on Thursday, under the slogan "You make your way with your brain in Bucharest, not with your elbows!" Bucharest locals have two months to describe how they wish the street where they live or any other public space in Romania’s capital would look like. They can do it following the blog

Any kind of proposal is accepted: starting with sketches and drawings, to photography, stories and films. The most interesting projects will constitute the basis upon which the city’s architects will shape projects to suit the people’s wishes.

Change the House of People’s façade

The first challenge launched on Thursday within "The achievable Bucharest" project addresses the idea of changing the façade of the House of People. The architects from Bucharest are invited to submit proposals for a fictive change in the look of the building. The deadline for submissions is August 1. The gala closes on May 27.