The Romanian Accept association organizes, as part of the Gay Fest week, a Gay Parade on Saturday, May 23 from 5pm to 7pm approved by the local City Hall for about 500 people. However, the City Hall also approved other parades organized by two associations that wish to "promote normality".

Participants at the Gay Parade will gather in Unirii Square to walk towards the Constitution's Square from 5pm onwards. Some 500 people are expected to join the parade.

The first action against the gay movement is organized by the Alfa Culture Association and will be held on Friday, at 5pm with some 1,000 people expected to join in, in a march from the George Enescu Square to Unirii Square.

The second action of the sort will be organized by the New Right Association and will be held on Saturday, at 1pm where 300 people are expected. They will be taking the same route as the previous association.

Over 700 police officers will be deployed on the streets to ensure that the events go on peacefully for the three actions on Friday and Saturday. All previous gay parades were marked by violent incidents against the participants.