The second edition of the International Circus Art Festival in Bucharest will start on May 26 to June 7. According to organizers, Circ & Variete Globus, three of the most important circus shows in the world are invited to attend: the Salome circus from Germany, Le Masque from the US and the National Berousek circus from the Czech Republic.

The grand opening of the circus will take place on May 24 at 6:45 pm through an unique parade across Bucharest. The parade will start at Unirii Square to reach Tineretului park. During the festival, Bucharest will host a series of shows for both children and adults.

The three circus representations will be stationed across Bucharest in three different locations. The Salome Circus will be settled in Unirea, while Le Masque circus will be in Drumul Taberei, nearby the Moghioros Park and the Czech circurs, Berousek in Titan Park.