The 120 passengers listed for the Bucharest - Dublin flight with Irish company Aer Lingus saw their flight cancelled on Henri Coanda Airport in Otopeni. The flight was scheduled for 10:05 PM. After the take-off was delayed for two hours, with the passengers seated in the aircraft, the flight was cancelled at 00:30 and the passengers were sent back to the Departures zone.

"We did not receive detailed information on the problem, but we were told twice there were technical problems. We were given water and sandwiches for the time we waited. In the terminal, we received water and sweets. We were queuing shoulder to shoulder to get into the buses taking us to the hotels, because everybody had large luggage, retrieved from the plane. We were provided with accommodation, breakfast and transport. Today, in the airport, we were all presented with a notice, written in English, through which Aer Lingus was apologising and was informing us there will be no catering services for today's flight", one of the passengers, Ionut, told

The passengers left Bucharest around 2 PM eventually. The flight was squeezed in the airport's busy schedule. Normally, the next flight to Dublin the company run was scheduled for Thursday evening.

Aer Lingus does not have an office in Romania.