The price Bucharest residents pay monthly for parking spaces has increased this year by 33% - 205 dollars - against its 2008 value. Thus, parking in Bucharest is more expensive than in Berlin, Warsaw or Lisbon, but cheaper than in Sofia and Budapest, according to real estate company Colliers International, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.

A global study put together by Colliers in 2009 shows that a parking fee in Bucharest costs around 205, 23 dollars. Last year, its price read 153.86 dollars. Bucharest ranks 16 out of 46 cities from the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) regarding the monthly parking cost. Colliers ranked Bucharest on the 11th position last year.

The study analyses the parking spaces from the centre Capital, which people get without subscription. According to Colliers, the parking spaces in Bucharest are more expensive than in Bucharest, where the parking monthly cost is 176.93 dollars, Warsaw - 184 dollars, Lisbon - 169.85, and Abu Dhabi - 105 dollars. But Sofia is more expensive than Bucharest - 283 dollars, as is Budapest - 295 dollars.

The most expensive parking fee in EMEA is in London, in the City area, where the price goes up to 1,020 dollars. The cheapest place to park your car in EMEA is in Johannesburg, South Africa.