Harry Mironescu, chief of Sabyc clinic from Bucharest, currently under temporary arrest following the scandal of the human eggs traffic, requested that the prosecutors start his legal-medical investigation. He claims he cannot stand the detention regime because of his illnesses. His appeal has been submitted by his lawyer and is due to be considered by the prosecutors, according to sources informing Romanian press agency Mediafax.

Harry Mironescu has been under arrest since July 20, alongside his son, Yair Mironescu, and Cecilia Borza following the human eggs traffic scandal investigated by The Agency for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT). The three are accused of constituting an organised crime group and setting up a human cell traffic scheme for material gains.

The Bucharest Tribunal noted in the decision of arresting the three Sabyc clinic staff that Harry Mironescu had been investigated for similar deeds in 2005, but escaped accusations.

Other two Israeli doctors - Nathan Levitt and Genya Ziskind - are also being investigated in the case.