Over 1,000 people from Bucharest paid homage to Michael Jackson, dancing on the hit Beat It. The event took place on Saturday, August 8, in three sites from Romania's Capital.

Despite the fact that two flash mobs have been planned initially in Hereastrau Park and in front of TNB, the fans wanted the event to take place in Tineretului Park as well. Wish granted.

Over 1,000 fans paid homage to the King of Pop on Saturday evening. Part of them danced on Beat It next to 50 professional dancers. The trend was set by a band named Bounce from Stockholm.

The event taking place in Romania was set up after the organisers in Stockholm encouraged more people to do it. The example was followed and several countries planned short dance events like this.

The dancers learnt the steps several days before the event, helped by a video broadcasted online. They met on Saturday at 3 PM, in the Fratelli parking from Bucharest. Here, they rehearsed the final dance version of the dance for the first time for one hour and a half.

More details on the event can be found here.