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Vaya Con Dios will perform in Romania for the 3rd time

Vineri, 25 septembrie 2009, 19:20 English | Bucharest

Vaya Con Dios
Known as the most successful Belgian band, Vaya Con Dios will perform in Bucharest on October 13 at Sala Palatului an acoustic concert. The two-hour long event will bring tunes with Gypsy influences, but also Johnny, a cover after one of Edit Piaf's songs, who in her turn was inspired by Sanie cu zurgalai, sang by Romanian Maria Lataretu.

In 2008, Belgium issued several Vaya Con Dios post stamps, printed with the face of singer Dani Klein. Among the most appreciated hits of the band are What’s A Woman, Puerto Rico, Neh Na Na Na, Don't Cry For Louie, Heading For A Fall, Just A Friend Of Mine, Don't Break My Heart.

The Vaya Con Dios (Go With God) story began more than 20 years ago. In the '80s, Dani Klein (the voice of the indie Arbeid Adelt band), guitarist Willy Lambregt and contrabass player Dirk Schoufs decided to get together in a new band, sharing a love for jazz, opera and gypsy music, all genres which were not hip in Brussels at that time.

The Spanish name was inspired by a TV documentary about the Cuban neighbourhood in Miami. They mixed rock with Latin rhythms, blues, flamenco and chansonettes.  Their Night Owls record, launched in 1990, sold millions. But under the celebrity pressure, the band started to drift apart. Willy Lambregt left the group. Dirk Schoufs, Dani's band and life partner left as well and died a short while after.

Devastated, Dani launched a disturbing solo material called Time Flies, followed by another melancholic album, Root & Wings. After a while in which she studied psychoanalysis, psychology and literature, Dani Klein returned to music. In 1999, she launched Pruple Prose, followed by The Promise (2004), which featured the hits Je l’aime, Je l’aime and Don’t Deny.  

2006 saw the launch of the most important album of the band: The Ultimate Collection. The record put together the band's entire history.

Vaya Con Dios discography:

Vaya Con Dios (1988), Night Owls (1990), Time Flies (1992), Roots & Roots (1995), The Best Of (1996), What's A Woman: The Blue Sides Of Vaya Con Dios (1998), The Promise (2004), The Ultimate Collection (2006).

Bucharest is the city where Vaya Con Dios will conclude their current tour, after two representations in Angola. The record is almost complete and it is scheduled for launch in the end of the month. The band played in Romania before: at the Golden Stag Festival in 1996 and at the Callatis Festival in 2006.

Tickets prices range from 80 RON to 180 RON. They can be bought from,,,, from Sala Palatului, where the concert will be held, from Diverta stores in Bucharest and from Germanos, Vodafone and Carturesti stores in the rest of the country.

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