Bucharest will soon host a megaplex of 21 cinema theatres plus an IMAX (Image Maximum) starting November 20, the most modern and expensive film technology worldwide, with the promise of an experience topping 3D, following an investment worth of 10 million euros. Even if several malls have seen their construction delayed, Cinema City International executive manager Moshe Greidinger claims that the film market thrived during financial crisis and that another such megaplex might be opened in Romania within the next 18 months.

According to Greidinger, the crisis changed the way people spend their free time and that the cinema industry has always experienced increasing profits during crisis. The cinemas counted an increasing number of clients in the last year. Moshe Greidinger stated that Cinema City International will open three important projects by the end of this year, even if developers have delayed finishing malls. Films, he says, will always be a good way to distance oneself for all troubles for the price of two hours.

The company operates 609 screens and is currently building 470 new ones at an international level. 54 will be finalised in 2009. In Romania, Cinema City International has already got five multiplex halls and their first megaplex in the country will be inaugurated on November 20 in Bucharest. Their 21 screens can entertain 4,300 viewers simultaneously in the AFI Palace Cotroceni mall. The IMAX theatre in Romania will be the ninth Cinema City International operates, after the five in Poland, one in the Czech Republic, one in Bulgaria and one in Hungary.

Cinema City promises that within three years, it will open another 20-25 multiplex theatres in Romania.That is another 300 screens. Moshe Greidinger predicts that around April next year, a new multiplex will be inaugurated in the Sun plaza mall in Bucharest. According to him, Romania is big enough to host more than an IMAX.