The Romanian Tourism Ministry allocated 218,500 euros for its participation to the autumn edition of the Romanian Tourism Fair. Out of this sum, 172,600 euros represent the cost for renting the stand. The rest of 45,900 euros has been reserved for decorations and a salsa band show.

With this money, the Romanian Tourism Ministry managed to have the monopole over the Fair: it rented 5,000 square meters. The space initial planned for the ministry's stand was 140 sqm. But invoking the reason of having to promote internal destinations, the space extended to 5.000 sqm in the Romexpo central pavilion.

The Tourism Ministry claims that the final sum paid for the TTR 2009 participation may be smaller than the sum allocated, depending on the services it will use. But the total area available for the participants is 14,000 sqm, out of which 7,000 sqm for stands. That means that the rest of the participants were crammed on 2,000 square meters.

According to Romexpo general manager Doru Simovici, the Tourism Ministry paid 35% of the money needed to organise the Fair, while the Romanian Commerce and Industry Chamber covered 65%.

The fact that the Tourism Ministry occupied most of the fair space unsettled tourism agencies. They largely agreed not to take part in this autumn's fair, which resulted in a lack of offers.