Paul Di'Anno, the first iron Maiden vocal, will perform in Bucharest, in the Club Silver Church on November 19, starting 8 pm (local time), the organisers inform. The show is part of a world tour that lists almost 30 countries. The Thunderbolt Norwegians and the R.U.S.T. Romanians will take care of the opening.

Paul Di'Anno or Paul Andrews (his real name) will take to the stage both the songs that made him famous with Iron Maiden (Running Free, Phantom Of The Opera, Transylvania, Iron Maiden, Killers), and new songs featured on other bands' albums, where he also sang along.

His support act guests for the concert in Silver church are the Norwegians from Thunderbolt, who also opened the King Diamond concert in Bucharest in 2006, and the Romanian band R.U.S.T.

Tickets for Paul Di'Annpo concert in Romania's capital are limited - 300 - and can be bought for 55 lei through Eventim, Germanos stores, Vodafone stores, Carturesti libraries and online -

Paul Di'Anno should have performed in Cluj-Napoca (Central-West) as well on November 20, byt the fans' low interest for his concert made the band's management and the organisers to decide to cancel the show.

Base player Steve Harris sets-up the iron Maiden band in 1975, after having been member of a rock band that performed in bars, namely Smiler. His new band gets to be named after a medieval torture tool. In Iron Maiden's first years, members have changed. The first EP was put together by Harris, Dave Murray (guitar), Paul Di’Anno (born May 17, 1959, Chingford, London, England; vocal) and Doug Sampson (drums).

The band's live debut was at Cart & Horses Pub in Stratford, East London, in 1977, after having performing in pubs for two previous years. Paul Di'Anno's activity with the Brit band spread from 1978 to 1981, when songs like Running Free, Transylvania, Iron Maiden and Killers came out.

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