The thunderstorm god, by his mortal name Angus Young, and his colleagues have confirmed the Gaia Hypothesis, have supplied wireless energy through the Tesla Effect and have created a particular Burnout Syndrome on Sunday, May 16, in Piata Constitutiei in Bucharest.

The Gaia Hypothesis is a theory saying that a planet is a living organism, which adapts to changes of its environment. To illustrate its plausibility, two scientists were staging a theoretical experiment in 1983, called Daisyworld. On this planet, when the sun was overheating, white daisies started to grow to reflect the light back into space. And when the sun was getting colder, black daisies were growing, to attract the light and to store it as heat.

The Gaia Hypothesis was confirmed in Bucharest on Sunday, when, in order to maintain its internal balance - the climate was unusually cold for Romania during the last months - the planet found a way to increase the temperature by bringing 60.000 AC/DC fans in Piata Constitutiei. At a "cellular" level - "a dream come true" for the Romanians who love rock'n'roll, as confessed by a fan after the concert.

The warm-up was on the hands and voices of a band called Down, with Phil Anselmo, ex-Pantera, as vocals, throwing CDs, freebees and water bottles at the crowd. Iris were second. In 2001, Iris were touring around Romania with a show called Tribute to AC/DC.

When the band with the name of alternative current/direct current plans to make a strong entrance, you feel as if a train would hit you in the face, or maybe it was just your imagination, because you saw on the giant screen an engine that could not be stooped. And then the engine shows up, threatening, on the stage, in natural size, with Rock N' Roll Train performance. And if it really is about "a dream come true", a good dreams interpreter would say the train is your big chance, as your life can change with the event that might next surprise you.

Several voices say with a worried tone that, from that side of the Golden Circle, people cannot see Malcolm Young (guitar), Cliff Williams (base) and Phil Rudd (drums) to well. But it does not matter anymore, because voice man Brian Johnson and guitarist Angus Young have started their roles.

"We're here to rock'n'roll", Brian says with his rugged voice. He fits his eternal hat and chases around the long stage that cuts Piata Constitutiei in two, before Hells Bells, only to hang on the rope that strikes the bell descended from the top of the stage. After several songs, "I see you've got rock'n'roll in you", Brian remarks and Angus starts his physics demonstrations.

"Has Tesla managed to send wireless energy?" - the question that makes any physicist enthusiast, but the Tesla Effect is translated with Thunderstruck, through the Young Effect. Dressed in his famous schoolboy costume, his short trousers, hat and tie, Angus supplies with his energy, while showing the truth behind Friedrich Nietzsche's words: "We're listening to music with our muscles". And he shows the public his particular gaze and faces.

The Jack is on and Angus throws his hat in a striptease number, where the public can see his underwear for a few seconds, with AC/DC printed on it. More erotic moments with Whole Lotta Rosie, when a giant-Rosie balloon, with an AC/DC tattoo on one arm, dances while riding the devilish train.

Let There Be Rock and we've got a genuine genesis, AC/DC style - lights, sound, drums, guitar, rock, as the order of things goes - , and Angus becomes master of the show.

The band leaves the stage, lights are out, the horns the fans wear glitter in the VIP area at the back, but almost no one has the power to shout anymore. The fault: the Burnout Syndrome. The band knows very well what it has done and quickly comes back with Highway to Hell and the rock essential For Those About to Rock (We Salute You). While the rock gods are saluting, inspired from the Roman civilisation (in ancient Rome, the gladiators greeted the leaders before the fight "Those who are about to die salute you"), point towards the People's House and scream "Fire!". And the fireworks conclude what in the real world we would cal two hours.


1. Rock N' Roll Train

2. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

3. Back in Black

4. Big Jack

5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

6. Shot Down in Flames

7. Thunderstruck

8. Black Ice

9. The Jack

10. Hells Bells

11. Shoot to Thrill

12. War Machine

13. High Voltage

14. You Shook Me All Night Long

15. T.N.T.

16. Whole Lotta Rosie

17. Let There Be Rock

18. Highway to Hell

19. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)