A group of about 30 young Tunisians protested near the Tunisian Embassy to Bucharest, after the model of protests organized in the last weeks across the world. The main demands focused on the change of regime in Tunisia, not just of President Ben Ali and declared dissatisfied by the fact that the new government announced on January 17 is made up of former members of the executive formed by the former dictator.

The youngsters compared the current situation in Tunisia with the experience of Romania in the first weeks after December 1989 and said that they fight for all the liberties which the Western countries enjoy. Protests in the Tunisian capital continue and according to international agencies, a new government is about to be named in which former governmental members will not be part of.

Events in Tunisian inspired other people who were dissatisfied with their regime. In the last weeks there were similar protests in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Mauritania.