​​​Dacia and Renault brands will voluntarly recall nearly 5.000 cars in Romania to check if some problems could occur at some engine valves, the representatives of the two brand said for the Romanian automotive magazine 0-100.ro. Logan and Sandero from Dacia and Twingo and Clio from Renault are some of the models included in the recall concerning mainly cars produced at the end of 2010. From the start of the Lolgan program seven years ago Dacia made just two significant recalls: one in 2005 and another in 2008.

5.000 cars to be recalled in RomaniaFoto: Renault

4.164 Dacia cars and 740 Renaults are recalled for the Romanian dealers to check if there is a faulty component in the motor, and if there is a non-conformity of the valve half-cones.This little engine part costs around 4 euros in some automotive parts store.

Dacia said that the minimum time required for the intervention is 20 minutes, but the maximum duration could reach 4 hours and a half if all the cones are to be replaced. The carmakers does not say which models are included in the recall, but sources say it's Sandero and Logan from Dacia and Clio, Twingo and Symbol from Renault.