Some 135,000 Romanian tourists chose to celebrate New Years Eve in the country, spending about 152.4 million Romanian Ron while some other 21,000 Romanian tourists chose foreign destinations for which they paid a total of 8.8 million euro, the Romanian Tourism Employers Union informs. Most favored destinations were Greece, Austria, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, France and Tunisia.

Domestically, the mountain resorts in Prahova Valley were most solicited but offers of hotels and restaurants in the main cities were also favored by some 40,000 tourists.

On New Years Eve, Romanian tourist sites were able to host some 283,000 tourists but only 135,000 were occupied. The average cost per package was about 300 euro and 600 euro in the mountain resorts.

Experts argue that prices will drop by 50% in the upcoming weeks and the winter season will be prolongued until March.