The Romania national currency leu (RON) continues to fall against the euro as the reference rate reached on Monday showed the European single currency sold for 3.7202 Romanian Ron. For its part, the US dollar reached a rate of 2.5694 Romanian Ron/dollar today. According to Romanian news agency NewsIn, all other countries in the region registered falls against euro as a direct consequence of the international stock exchange troubles.

The current level registered in Romania was last reached on February 17, 2005 when the reference rate amounted to 3.8025 Romanian Ron/euro. According to NewsIn, the rate announced by Romania's National Bank on Monday describes a depreciation of 0.62% just over the weekend.

Asian stock exchange rates passed on a new chaotic turn on Monday as investors declare themselves disappointed by the plan put forward by the American President George W. Bush to give a new impetus to the US national economy.