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Mercedes to invest in Romania

de Radu Big
Miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2008, 13:05 English | Business

German group Daimler will open a final assembly factory within the Tetarom III industrial park in the village of Jucu, Cluj county, Ziua de Cluj informs. The production facility will spread over some 170 - 200 hectares and will require a 400 million euro investment. The new factory will employ some 4,000 people, the newspaper informs. Same Jucu is currently hosting the construction works of a future Nokia factory.

"Two other car producers expressed their interest for the terrain near the Nokia factory. It is a rough competition and the labor unions have their say. Some 350,000 cars will be produced in the Jucu Industrial Park. The perspective is fantastic", sources in the business field say.

"As it was the case with Nokia, all discussions and negotiations have a confidentiality clause. I can not tell you anything about the negotiations with any of the investors", said the Cluj County Council president, Marius Nicoara.

Tetarom general manager Viorel Gavrea said that there are demands from major investors that may occupy a further 700 hectares area, but that the target is to obtain from the local council the 170 hectares the park still needs. 

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