The industrial park in Jucu, Romania where Nokia relocated its factory is about to extend. Along with the desire of other companies to invest in the area, Daimler Mercedes being just the last name added to the list, the terrain available in the Tetarom Industrial Park proves to be insufficient, even though the park already signed for some neighboring 1,000 hectares with a private partner. At least by some 170 hectares (420 acres) are still required, daily Ziua de Cluj reads.

Cluj county vice-president Kerekes Sandor declared for that there are plenty of companies willing to invest at Jucu. However, he admitted that local authorities need to extend the industrial park before any plans can be made.

Even if the land surrounding the current industrial park pertains to the state, it is administered by the Agricultural Sciences University to perform agricultural research. Thus, University officials argue that they have no idea of the City Hall's plan.