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Romania trade deficit deepened by 44.3% to 21.5 billion euro in 2007

de A.C.
Luni, 11 februarie 2008, 18:35 English | Business

Romania's trade deficit deepened last year alone to over 21.5 billion euro, a 44.3% increase as compared to 2006, National Statistics Institute data show. During the mentioned period, the total value of exports grew by 13.7% to over 29.3 billion euro while imports advanced by 24.9% amounting to 50.8 billion euro.

The value of the EU level-traded goods in 2007 was 21.11 billion euro for exits and 36.15 billion euro for inputs which translate into 72% out of all exports and 71% out of all imports.

The 2007 trade deficit was influenced by the goods temporarily introduced in duty frees and custom areas but also by the introduction of a general commercial system for intra-communitarian goods (Intrastat) where all goods are registered when state boundaries are passed and not when goods are circulating in the free area, as done previously by the Extrastat commercial system.

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