Romania's energy market regulator has launched an emergency process over changes related to a government ordinance applying restrictions to gas trades. The emergency is caused by the fact that later this month the European Commission may bring Romania to justice over the said restrictions.

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The national authority for regulation in the energy sector ANRE launched an emerg public consultation over a draft order which would cut deadlines for the application of restrictions on gas trades. These was introduced through a government ordinance late last year - the 114/2018 ordinance, which has severely and unexpectedly shaken a series of major economic sectors, from telecom to energy.

Uness ANRE fails to block an infringement process, Romania risks a European-level sentence which may force it to pay daily fines until it complies with EU norms.

The controversial government ordinance force the prioritisation of gas sales to first cover the whole consumption necessities of household clients and thermal energy producers for the period of May 1, 2019-Fenruary 29, 2022. This, according to the EC, createsa barriers for the free circulation of goods on the common market.

ANRE aims to brings the deadline for the application of the ordinance-induced obligation to March 31, 2020.