One of the main telecom operators in Romania, Orange has reached the 10 million clients threshold, a press release of the company announces on Monday. Last year Orange already announced an increase to 9.8 million. For this year Orange plans to continue its development in services and infrastructure.

Orange Romania head Richard Moat declared that this achievement was great and that it only pressured Orange to be more responsible and responsive to the market. Last year, Orange expanded its mobile broadband services with 3G+ and will increase the speed at 14.4 Mbps from 7.2 Mbps.

In 2007 alone, Orange managed to increase its revenues to 1.233 billion euro, a 24% boost as compared to 2006. In February, the operator announced that in 2007 their broadband clients increased to 1 million, a 164% increase as compared to 2006.