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Consumers protection officials: big retailers risk closure unless they comply with EU rules

de A.C.
Marţi, 11 martie 2008, 20:58 English | Business

A consumers protection association in Romania has started to fine unfair commercial practices undertaken by super- and hyper-markets as, in the first couple of months of 2008 alone there were some 5,500 complains regarding the price marked on the stalls and the actual price individuals have to pay and the cashiers in Bucharest stores.

The vice-president of the National Consumers Protection Association Gheorghe Ciubotaru signaled several pressures from retailers regarding the implementation of the European directive on unfair commercial practices. Ciubotaru declared that should big retailers refrain from implementing the directive, their super/hypermarkets risk being closed down.

Thus, retailers can pay fines amounting to 60,000 Ron if they are found practising unfair pricing activities. It appears that deceiving price strategies are used by both small and big retailers. Ciubotaru declared that in 2007, some 50,000 Romanians complained that they paid another price than the one seen on the stalls.

At their turn, big retailers pressure the Association against the implementation of the 29/2005 European Directives on disloyal commercial practices, Ciubotaru says. He says that retails would like to use promotions like '3 products for the price of 1' but this practice does not comply with European norms.

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