The local administrative council in the district of Cluj, NW Romania received a request from anti-graft prosecutors on Thursday to provide all documentation related to the Nokia investment in Jucu, Cluj county, a local authority spokeswoman told Prosecutors want to see all documents related to the launch and continuation of negotiations with Nokia, as well as all information related to offers, letters of intent, correspondence and contracts.

The inquiry by the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) relates to how several firms and people procured land in the village of Jucu shortly before Nokia relocated a factory there, as suspicions arose that those people and firms took advantage of information that Nokia was about to open a factory there before it became public knowledge.

Local official said they would let DNA access to all documentation demanded by anti-graft prosecutors.

In mid-February this year, the European Commission officially confirmed it had requested information about the Nokia case and that Romanian authorities sent a letter to Brussels on the issue. The European body suspects a local-level understanding between the Cluj Council, which built the industrial park where the Nokia factory is located, and the Finnish producer, an understanding that would exempt Nokia from paying local taxes. The EC suspects the Romanian government of providing state assistance of 40 million Euro.