Oilman Dinu Patriciu warned on Wednesday that the price level for gasoline may reach 5 RON per liter (some 1.35 euro) in case excises for diesel and gasoline are not reduced and brought to the same level. "The measure should be adopted during the following months, or the price will surely reach 5 RON per liter. Its pure mathematics, not a thing for fortune tellers to prove", said Rompetrol general manager Dinu Patriciu in a press conference today.

"As I said already, the excise for gasoline and the one for diesel must be equal, since one suffers from too many taxes, while the other may support more", said Patriciu, adding that Romania produces 4.7 million tons of oil per year, while the consumption is 14 million tons. According to the businessman, a 10% growth of the oil price leads to a 5% growth of the gasoline price.

The oil price saw a new maximum last week, when it reached 108 dollars per barrel.