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France Presse: Romanians haunted by new price wave

de A.C.
Vineri, 18 aprilie 2008, 10:43 English | Business

Romanians are once again affected by growing prices which seem to change from one day to the other, France Presse informs. The agency reads, though, that the inflation of the nineties is just a sorrow memory. In only one year, the food sector witnessed massive increases of prices unlike the inflation rate which stabilized around 8.63%. 

Food sector trade unions criticized international networks for favoring imports at the expense of local products. One workers' federation head, Dragos Frumosu, said that the national market is practically blocked by supermarket interests.

But after a catastrophic fall last year when crops were cut by half, agricultural production forecasts look better for 2008. That would not prevent farmers to expect a 10% increase of wheat and corn prices as fuel costs are already exceeding 1 euro per liter in a country where the average monthly salary stands at 350 euro.

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