Bank clients will receive a scoring depending on their behavior in repaying their credits which will be used as certificates both in business and in banks for receiving advantageous credits, Romanian Banks Association Director Radu Gratian Ghetea declared. He announced that the institution he runs would summon authorities to allow service providers to reveal their customer list.

The scoring system will be applied starting with December, Credit Office general director Serban Epure declared. He added that the long term benefits of the scoring system would be felt by companies but also by clients.

He declared that his institution, opened in 2004 collects positive and negative data from the banks relating to customers who pay or delay payment for their credits. In four years of functioning, the institution released 18 million credit reports. Moreover, the office holds in custody some 4.8 million debtors who hold some 8.3 million credits. The institution currently receives data from 28 banks with a 98.5% market share but also from eight consumption credit companies and two leasing companies.