Romania's economic growth will maintain at a little above 5% until 2020 and this year will decrease from 6.5% to 5.2% according to a long term forecast set up by the National Prognosis Commission quoted by Mediafax. The report shows that in 2009, the economic growth will reach 6% but the case is exceptional.

According to the data, the biggest contribution to the gross national product (GDP) will come from the constructions sector while the agricultural sector will have the lowest contribution. The value of the GDP will amount to 442.3 billion euro in 2020 as compared to 133.8 billion euro this year.

Romania's commercial deficit will diminish, according to the forecast, from 24 billion euro this year to 17.5 billion euro in 2020 due to a fast export increase as compared to imports. Moreover, the weight of the commercial balance in the GDP will register 4%.

Moreover, the long term 2008-2020 inflation prognosis shows that the average inflation rate will stabilize around 2015 at 2% per year and for this year the inflation rate will amount to 7.5%. During 2009-2014, this indicator will have a descending trend, from 4.5% next year to 2.3% by 2020.