Dacia launched its Sandero hatchback in Romania on Tuesday night and said it was ready to receive orders for its latest model starting Wednesday, June 4. Sandero is available in Romania in five versions and the producer says it is aimed at younger and female audiences.

Sandero will first be available with engines of 1.4 and 1.6 L. Diesel versions will be launched later. The basic and cheapest version is equipped with an engine of 1.4 L and 75 hp and provides a driver airbag, ABS and emergency break assistance.

The most expensive version, Prestige, comes with an engine of 1.6 liters and 90 hp at a price of 9850 euro.

Deliveries in Romania will start by end of June.

The model comes with a three-year of 100,000 km guarantee and a service period of 20,000 km. Francois Fourmont, head of Renault Group operations in Romania, told HotNews.ro that the diesel engine for Sandero will be available as late as next year because of production capacity limitations.

He would not provide figures related to sales targets arguing that each time Renault provided such data expectations were exceeded.

Dacia will launch Sandero in Western countries this year and will then enter the North Africa and Turkey markets.

Sandero, the fifth Dacia model, is 4.02 m. Production first started in Brazil last year and then in Romania in 2008. Starting 2009, Sandero will also be assembled in Russia and South Africa.