UPC Romania does not need a mobile telephony license in Romania, UPC Romania CEO Jack Mikaloff declared for HotNews.ro. The winner of the license which will bring a new player on the Romanian mobile communications market is expected to be declared on September 8. Operators that own a mobile telephony license like Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote, Zapp, RCS&RDS are forbidden to take it. Romtelecom can obtain it and its officials declared that they will consider it, but way is open for international competitors as well.

Telecom officials declare that they plan to offer more diversity and improve the competition by offering this new license for mobile and internet data. Regulatory authority president Dan Georgescu declared that this license includes a lower frequency which might enable rural area to have greater and better coverage.

UPC invested some 45 million euro in 2007 alone. The company has 1.3 million clients in 200 cities in Romania. The company delivers cable television and sattelitte options, broadband internet and digital land phones.