Vodafone Romania plans to start up a complete advertising services for mobile phones in collaboration with exclusive media partners, ArboInteractive and Splendid Media Interactive. Commercials ads through SMS are already available but the company will develop MMS advertising also. Vodafone is the one and only company on the Romanian market fined for such unsolicited text messages.

Mobile phone advertising includes: notifications (for prepaid customers), banners within the Vodafone Live! portal, sponsored messages (ads which reward customers with free text messages) and SMS and MMS channel campaigns through a special website (www.youthsms.ro).

Plus, ads will be transmitted through banners on the official website of the telecommunication provider, in this case, Vodafone. Vodafone mobile advertising manager Horatiu Dimulescu declared that Vodafone will deliver their first complete advertising pack by this fall.

Last year, Romanian authorities fined Vodafone with 6,000 RON for sending unsolicited commercial messages on the mobile phone.