Vodafone Romania is preparing the launch of a full set of mobile advertising services starting this fall in exclusive partnership with Romanian media selling companies ArboInteractive and Splendid Media Interactive. Ads via notifications and SMS are already available and MMS ads will be introduced this summer and ads via the Vodafone live! wap portal will come this fall.

The services will be accompanied by rewards and will address only people that are interested in such communication.

Vodafone makes this step while it is the only company in Romania to have been fined so far for unsolicited commercial messages on mobile phones.

The mobile channels considered for advertising are notifications (for prepaid clients), banners in the Vodafone live! portal, sponsored messages (ads that have free SMS's as a reward), SMS and MMS campains and SMS's through a special portal.

Horatiu Dimulescu, mobile advertising manager Vodafone Romania, says these services must not be associated with mobile spam. The services come accompanied with financial rewards and must be agreed with by users.