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Bucharest Stock Exchange loses considerable ground on Tuesday

de A.C.
Marţi, 15 iulie 2008, 22:23 English | Business

Bucharest Stock Exchange closed its Tuesday session in a serious fall as investors were influenced by the evolution of other European stock exchanges. The wave of fear currently hitting Europe lead banks to register their lowest level for the past three years. The negative trend is also influenced by the incapacity of one of the biggest Spanish real estate companies, Martinsa-Fadesa, to pay its debts. 

The BVB index BET-C lost in the Tuesday session some 4.28% to 4,191.52 points, a level which was last registered in 2005. BET, the index pointing the evolution of the most liquid titles, dropped by 5.62% to 5,674.34 points. BET-FI, the index of the five biggest financial investments companies registered its biggest depreciation with 5.69% to 38,149.62 points.

The biggest losses were registered by shares of Electroaparataj (-13.68%), Impact Developer & Contractor (-13.04%) and Agras Vienna Insurance (-12.50%), while Ves (7.91%), Casa de Bucovina - Club de Munte (4.67%), Petrolexportimport (1.06%) and Prodplast (0.99%) were the few to register an increase during today's session.

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