The sales of new cars decreased 1%, to less than 145,000 units, during the first half of the year, while sales of commercial vehicles increased 30%, to more than 29,000 units. The total market thus saw a 3.7% growth. Renault Clio remains the best selling import car, Hyundai Tucson is the most coveted SUV and Sandero makes its début in the general ranking, with its 1,000 units sold already. Daewoo also sold 5,000 units, although is shut its production since June.

The total market reached 176,000 cars, some 6,000 more than during the first half of 2007. The interior production increased 8%, up to 133,000 units, while export increased 31%, up to 77,000 units. The imports also increased 15%, up to 125,000 cars. The bus and commercial transport cars sales increased strongly, 84%, up to 2,200 units.

The Dacia sales decreased 10%, to some 40,000 units, 75% of them being Logan models. Skoda ranked second, with 12,700 units.