Romania is ranked fifth along with Estonia in a listing of emerging countries that are most vulnerable to foreign funding pressures, a report of the Fitch Ratings financial evaluation agency informs. First comes Latvia closely followed by Croatia while Lithuania and Turkey share the third position.

Bulgaria and Hungary come 7th and 8th while Serbia and Georgia share the 9th place. The evaluation is based on the current account balance, foreign direct investments, foreign payments that need to be paid by the end of the year and the state's net debts, the report reads.

Moreover, the report concludes that the economic and credit perspectives of European emerging states are getting even worse as they are affected by an economic drawback in the euro zone and by an increase of inflation and current account deficiencies in the regions.

Experts estimate that even if Bulgaria and Romania will avoid the loop of economic growth stagnation, the external balance deterioration of the two countries will influence their final rating. Fitch experts however point out that the two countries are supported by the low levels of governmental debt.